• Safe: non-toxic and anti-slip.
  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic surface.
  • Provides adequate cushioning and protection against falls.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Waterproof.
  • Double-sided.
  • Noise-reducing.
  • Promotes development (crawling, walking, and play for children up to 7 years old).
  • Educational.

Size: L (2,1m x 1,4m x 13mm)

Brand: Baby Care by DWINGULER

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A high-quality playmat RENAISSANCE made from non-toxic materials. A safe and responsible product for the whole family.


Baby Care & Dwinguler is a leading brand in the production of non-toxic mats for children, designed with the safety of children in mind. The brand stands out with its unparalleled quality, considering the child’s development and the lifestyle of the whole family. The products undergo strict regulations and regular testing. (For inquiries about testing, please send an email to


The mat is made from high-quality non-toxic materials. Free from harmful compounds (phthalates, bisphenol, formamide, benzene). Non-toxicity confirmed by tests. It meets all CPSIA requirements and European toy safety standards. [European Toy Safety Standards (EN-71) Passed No Heavy metals (PB, BA, CD, HG, FR, AS, SB, SE)].


The multi-layered foam provides excellent cushioning against injuries. The surface of the mat is anti-slip. The appropriate balance of thickness and softness of the mat minimizes the risk of harm during a child’s falls. The textured structure ensures increased grip.


The mat is antibacterial and antifungal. It is waterproof and its uniform structure prevents the accumulation of dust mites. It is easy to clean and has rounded and smooth edges.

Additionally, the RENAISSANCE playmat is:

  • DURABLE DOUBLE-SIDED (two different patterns)

TheRENAISSANCE playmat is intended for children from birth to 7 years old. At each stage of a child’s life, they use it in a different way.

Newborns and infants (up to approximately 9 months):

  • The mat provides a soft surface for infants lying on their stomachs or backs.
  • It protects children who have already started to turn and attempt to sit and crawl from injuries.

Infants and younger children (from 9 months to around 2 years):

  • Despite its foam structure, the mat provides a stable surface for taking first steps.

Children aged 2 to 4 years:

  • The mat serves as a comfortable and safe place for active play (rolling, jumping, etc. can be done without worries).
  • It introduces children to letters and numbers.
  • It stimulates children’s imagination.
  • Children aged 4 years and older:
  • The mat functions as an anti-slip surface and absorbs noise.
  • It insulates from cold floors.
  • It works well as a place for independent eating and changing diapers (without worries about soiling the carpet).
  • It serves as a cozy play area for the whole family.
  • It has an educational function.
  • The double-sided mats are colorful.
  • It familiarizes children with the alphabet, numbers, animals, and colors.
  • It can be used as a substitute for a rug, especially in an allergy sufferer’s room (it does not accumulate dust mites).
  • It is very easy to keep clean.
  • It can travel with you.